Craftsman Series Cabinets

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Craftsman series Cabinet SKUs



Wall cabinets are 12-1/2” deep; heights range from 12” to 42” with over 400 separate skus.

Multiple base cabinet configurations are available in 34 -1/2” high and 24” deep.

Tall cabinets are available 84”, 90” or 96” tall and 18” or 24” deep in a variety of configurations.

Most vanity cabinets are available in 18” or 21” deep and 31-1/2” or 34-1/2” high in over 150 skus.

Appliance Cabinetry is available to accommodate most manufacturers’ appliances.

Home office desk and bookcase units are available in five standard wood species.









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Flush Ends
Exposed Ends Matching Specie
Shaped Top Rail Extended Stiles
Dovetailed Drawers drawer slides
Flush Toe Dovetail Drawer
Drawer Slides